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Beijing Masayuki Zheng Qingsheng, director of the Institute of Human mechanics has become a well-known "Challenger." ???? According to Beijing Science and Technology News reported, in an interview, the 39-year-old researcher wearing shoes with their patent leather shoes produced by the hands holding a thick, up to hundreds of pages of documentary evidence. "(Sue Nike) not for fame and wealth, I feel like opening on the runaway aircraft, initially just wanted to comparing a true, now is compelling." "All the evidence is very clear that it (Nike) is unscientific propaganda It is to deceive consumers. "???? Zheng Qingsheng opponent is world famous" shoe king "--- Nike. Its aim is to win the case in court it, in order to "tell the children and their parents, wearing Nike Air shoes, 'run faster', 'jump higher' nonsense." ???? world "shoe king" alleged "pseudo-scientific fraud", in China ???? 2005 sit in the dock at 8:30 am on May 20, the West Side Court hearing Zheng Qingsheng consumers sued Nike pseudo scientific fraud publicity case. Day of the trial, due to the temporary increase in court Zheng Qingsheng the claims of evidence charges, Nike also asked to extend the reply period. Ten minutes hearing the presiding judge adjourned the trial will be. The second trial is expected to be June 6 in the morning in 15 days. ???? alleged that such proceedings Nike encountered in China for the first time. The parties appearing before the company's comments on the case to the relatively low-key. Miss Yang Shuang assistant ???? Nike public relations manager in a media interview that the company Nike air cushion protection technology with confidence, millions around the world athletes wearing Nike Air shoes, cushion shoes function, comfort is Nike's most concerned about the issue, in cooperation with a number of jordans on sale online experts for many years, rigorously tested. ???? Clearly, in the production and marketing of sports shoes, Nike is a winner. Some praise at any time can be found in everyday life. In an intercept against high school students visit, the reporter found that there are a considerable number of young people prefer the Nike brand, while more than 60% of workers believe that it represents a fashion. ???? Nike Air shoes in the minds of young people has a very high visibility and reputation, so that after the media commented, "the price of the thousand or so with a pair of Nike Air shoes, a favorite sport of many young people dream of." ???? why Nike rigorously tested in the "Science" into a lawsuit ???? "Nike Air shoes a lot of publicity can not afford the most basic scientific inquiry. Nike Air shoes around a lot of publicity is false, there is no scientific basis, while others are pseudo-science. However, many people, including children and adults, it is precisely in these propaganda and agitation in complete purchases. "Zheng Qingsheng said. ???? "I am engaged in the footwear study full 10 years, they would get some patents. According to my knowledge have shoes and human sciences, I find it difficult to understand Nike Air shoes blatant propaganda of specific functions, such as, 'run Faster ',' jump higher, '' but also help fly ';' is the best equipment of basketball, '' trapeze driving force ';' with perfect stability and traction '(actually a pair of shoes with traction? ) "According to reports, around September 2001, Zheng Qingsheng noticed Nike Air shoes massive publicity," There are a lot of questions, "" hopes for an explanation. " "Later, after my personal research, that claimed to have the world's R & D laboratories and many experts shoe, not the birth of an article published in mainstream scie cheap air jordans ntific journals to introduce the scientific basis paper air-cushioned shoes." ???? Zheng Qingsheng told reporters, In the beginning of last year, he has three fax to Nike headquarters in China, trying to communicate questioned cushion shoe. Nike also said that attention, but since then no news. ???? Nike Air technology, "confident" ???? Zheng Qingsheng lawsuit against Nike sporting goods company to respond to media inquiries aspect recently in the form of e-mail. In reply, Miss Yang Shuang, public relations manager wrote: ???? "for Nike NIKE AIR (Nike Air shoes --- Editor's Note) buffer protection technology comfort sneakers confident performance, protection and wearer. NIKE primary consideration is the question .NIKE AIR to come out since 1979, through the use of technology in sports shoes NIKE AIR hundreds of millions of people, including professional athletes, college athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts and other athletes at all levels, involving many sports, including running, basketball, tennis and so on. ????NIKE AIR buffer protection technology is based on the world-class sports experts to work together years of research and testing have NIKE AIR cushioning protection technology is NIKE sports shoes Research Laboratory has undergone rigorous testing thousands of times, including analog motion scenes and laboratory testing to ensure its safety and functionality.. " (Tong light)Nike Kobe 9 Elite "Warriors blue" commercial information 2014-10-09 12:29:00 Nike launched the Nike Kobe 9 Elite upcoming sales of a new color, dark blue as the main color, with black and red decorative details, metallic silver Swoosh decoration in the upper, the shoes and the overall feeling of "USA" theme color with a little quite similar places. With Bryant's return from injury, we can again see the "Black Mam cheap foamposites ba" cruising above the stadium. The color shoes will be officially added to our October 18 sale, item number 630847-404, a friend might like to look at it. & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 '89 "whitewashed" color sale soon 2013-12-08 23:34:28 The Air Jordan 4 combines classic elements presented & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 '89 has officially released a white lime color, white is the color of lime Air Jordan 4 of a popular color, so you can be this & nbsp; Air Jordan 1 '89 body found in the shadow of many Air Jordan 4 white lime. It is reported that this shoe will be on sale in August 24, priced at $ 130. New Balance 1600 Suede GRY sale soon 2013-12-08 23:43:25 when everybody's eyes are focused on the 25th anniversary coincided with New Balance 996 and the end of the year will soon become the protagonist of the MT580, the small series today recommended for everyone is a popularity has been tepid models - New Balance 1600. New Balance 1600 is definitely NB retro models Jiaogan genus superior work, overwhelmed by this new color also draws the most representative and popular New Balance gray lines, like New Balance friends may wish to try. It is reported that this New Balance 1600 Suede GRY sale soon in the near future. Garbstore x Reebok Insta Pump Fury Road joint shoes are now available 2015-07-17 16:06:28 have to say that the growing trend towards increasing joint shoes, the brand and the brand closer cooperation. Swifty before launch Reebok Insta Pump Fury Road shoes market is good, and now also with Reebok to join the British fashion names are Garbstore launched a new color of the Insta Pump Fury Road. This shows that the trend of fashion culture and tone more and more like a big fuss in the shoes. The shoe prints using water ripples and marble decoration flowing body of the shoe. F jordan shoes online sale inally, in the end to be dotted, dreamy charm with ink effect, subversive vision. At present, the shoe shop shoes issued by foreign Asphalt Gold, there are like friends may wish to continue to focus on thiophene. the European fate of Chinese shoes; in the multiple extrusion. "twenty-first Century": the European Union to China anti-dumping tax year, the European footwear manufacturers therefore have no profit? Massimo: the imposition of anti-dumping duties did not bring benefits to the European footwear industry; on the contrary, it made India shoes enterprises profit. The survival of European shoe manufacturers is still difficult, and it is difficult for them to win the "battle" with China, because the price of Chinese shoes is still very low, but the quality is rising. for example, a pair of shoes Chinese originally priced at $100, is now affected by the anti-dumping duties up to $110-120, while India shoes priced at $110, the European shoes may be as high as $200, China shoes are still in low price. And those who do not buy even Chinese shoes purchaser will turn to buy India shoes, European footwear manufacturers can only go to the production of high quality, strong sense of design shoes direction gradually, but the only part to the European footwear market is very small. "twenty-first Century": the number of such orders to India? Massimo: many large European buyers and retailers in 8: the proportion of 2 in India and Chinese procurement shoes, the original 100% to buy shoes China enterprises, will be about 20% orders to India. Different enterprises are different, and some are allocated at 5: 5. I don't think this is entirely due to price considerations, but rather to the risk shifting of these buyers and retailers. "twenty-first Century": what is t foamposites for cheap he European buyers and retailers to Chinese views on anti-dumping duties? Massimo: they are almost 100% opposed to imposing anti-dumping duties. Some shoe manufacturers increased from China purchase price of shoes, but most shoe business because consumers are not willing to buy high priced shoes and no money, so they need to digest the greater cost, profit is very thin, suffered a great loss. In this year, a lot of shoes.) Nike Foamposite classic design wave after wave of return to the stage, in addition to the gift of 20th anniversary certainly not a lack of fresh elements. The day before Nike Air Foamposite Pro Fleece Wool the design of the new version once again released a complete set of new, although the continuation of the classic design of the profile, but the shoe body made of wool material Foamposite materials will be replaced, while the bottom is still a translucent rubber composition, the overall design brighten.Price: release date: June 5th nike-air-foamposite-pro-tech-fleece-release-date-3.jpg (226.5 KB, download number: 39) download Nike Air Foamposite Pro Tech Fleece complete exposure 2017-4-27 08:11 upload nike-air-foamposite-pro-tech-fleece-release-date-2.jpg (186.31 KB, download number: 29) download Nike Air Foamposite Pro Tech Fleece complete exposure 2017-4-27 08:11 upload nike-air-foamposite-pro-tech-fleece-release-date-4.jpg (190.82 KB, download number: 25) download Nike Air Foamposite Pro Tech Fleece complete exposure 2017-4-27 08:11 upload nike-air-foamposite-pro-tech-fleece-release-date.jpg (209.02 KB, download number: 27) download Nike Air Foamposite Pro Tech Fleece complete exposure 2017-4-27 08:11 Nike Air Foamposite Pro upload , Tech, Fleece 00 at this time last year, the own basket team should many fans optimistic about the heart of a t jordan 3 katrina 2018 eam, from the Boston Celtics traded to the Kevin & middot; Kevin Garnett and Paul & middot; after Pierce, just from the New York Knicks retired former nets exploits players Jason & middot; Kidd has also become a coach of the team, team Deron & middot; Williams, Joe & middot; Johnson and inside players Brooke & middot Lopez, but last season the nets count is slow type team, until midway through the season after the team to embark on a regular, but a key player for the team throughout the entire season repeatedly injured disease infestation. The team's main striker Lopez has been affected by the injury for the entire season. In the playoffs in the semi-finals is not against the Miami heat. to return to the new season, pierce selected Washington, bench control guard Livingston to the warriors, and in the new signings team is the introduction of the Garrett & middot; Jack the veteran point guard. So the team on the players in the new season's shoes will be how to choose what kind of? JackJarrettNikeBrand:For Wearing: Nike KD 6Known has been in multiple potential back side played jack off the bench this year came to the Brooklyn nets as the team's chief guard off the bench. His duty is also to compensate for the Delong end after the break the whole operation of the team, the crucial moment but also for the contribution to the team score. Jack in the last season, wearing a KD Nike 6 of the screen so that we have a profound impression. "PB& J" and a variety of color NIKEiD are very bright, do not know this season he will be in the game to choose those sneakers? Whether it will continue the KD series? Please let us wait and see. WilliamsDeronNikeBrand:For Wearing: Nike HyperRev Nike, Hyperfuse Known 2013, Zoom CrusaderNike several seasons of Deron Williams and Paul's competition is very fierce, but since the basket the nets, Delong plagued with injuries, he did not like Paul as independent notch reached the final of the partition. Delong last season wear times Nike to launch its defenders of the three major shoe, respectively is the HyperRev, Hyperfuse2013 and zoom the Crusader. This season should choose Delong shoes in HyperRev 2014 and ZoomRun The One. Over 30 of this season can Delong further? LopezBrookB〉 [shoes new shoes] - judge Teng Yuan Hao led the Japanese brand fragment design and Nike Sportswear in the All Court shoe cooperation finally has the latest follow-up, earlier released Low Premium version has appeared shoot site, good response in the current street. The All Court 2 High shoes also recently exposed part of the photo, fragment design version is always the simple route, and before the UE version of All Court Mid compared to a lot of fresh, especially black / white and white color that really makes people feel relaxed and happy, the show of fragment design it is for this hot summer brought a spring like cool feeling, we look forward to the release date. (shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoes network editor Muzi Virgil Abloh = OFF-WHITE in addition to publishing involves political issues 2018 men's spring and summer series, also the first opened with Levi 's' s Made & Levi high-end line; Crafted 2 joint planning veil. The new series consists of 10 single items, Virgil chooses Levi 's's most representative Trucker jacket and jeans as the blueprint, and highlights the street style of OFF-WHITE by color, damage and zipper details. this series will be released in autumn and winter this season, please wait! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!With the development of Oreo Oreo Jordan Brand color, this color will be used on more and more shoes, as early as in 2010 6 Air Jordan also put on this attractive black and white coat. After a lapse of five years, the new Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo Jordan Brand Classic officially unveiled 2015 classic games, it also allows fans to feel a shoe charm. But after the release of a spy network, today again released a series of complete picture for shoe fan appreciation. This section by the white leather collocation black suede shoe body composition, and a decorative design in ink midsole and heel, and more low light and able to help design, let this will become the new target of the pursuit of many shoes. air-jordan-6-low-oreo-jordan-brand-classic.jpg (296.11 KB, download number: 6) download Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo complete exposure 2015-4-22 12:40 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-oreo-5.jpg (409.31 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo complete exposure 2015-4-22 12:30 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-oreo-4.jpg (321.42 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo complete exposure 2015-4-22 12:30 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-oreo-3.jpg (318.03 KB, download number: 5) download Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo complete exposure 2015-4-22 12:30 upload air-jordan-6-retro-low-oreo-2.jpg (312.77 KB, download number: 6) download Air Jordan 6 Low Oreo complete exposure in the middle of December - before the EU's deadline for anti-dumping suits against Chinese footwear, Zhejiang, as an important region of China's footwear industry, has only two companies formally submitted anti-dumping indictments to the European Court of justice. for fairness and justice. "Wenzhou shoe enterprises sued the EU this thing is very good. As for the enterprises, it enjoys the power, if you feel that they were treated unfairly, can seek legal assistance, it also reflects the Chinese enterprises in the international trade disputes in the more mature, I personally appreciate it." This is October 31st, the EU think-tank Eur-Ifri director Pierre de Fu'an? On the trade barriers of "exploit". He actually told us that in international trade, any interest is for gain, not wait for. earlier, the EU ambassador to China race day? Bo also made a similar statement: some shoe enterprises China decided to adopt the legal means, to the European Court of the EU anti-dumping measures is very legitimate acts, which he expressed his understanding and appreciation. this statement and Wang Zhentao's argument reached a perfect understanding just. The last argument??????air max ebay It s a quarter after one I m all alone and I need you now silver charms for bracelets clip on quot Demons quot Imagine Dragons http on rhap com dggg m max ebay It s a quarter after&nbs" /〉 air max ebay It s a quarter after one I m all alone and I need you now [ ] shoes net days ago, from New York, London and Paris fashion week has returned the Chinese luxury footwear brand sheme, will be released "the Peony Pavilion" 2014 spring and summer series of shoes in Chengdu Yanlord bright. learned, sheme2014 spring and summer products series, to the Ming Dynasty master Tang Xianzu spread to the famous "Peony Pavilion" story as inspiration design. Works with yellow, pink, light blue, delicate color and sultry spring girl feelings, by the abstract expression of peony, butterflies elements, some with peony flowers, hand embroidered butterflies show delicate; some take the abstract lines and details to express the feeling of petals. Editor ()